Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 2 (20) 2011


Absalyamova S.G., Husnullova A.R. New forms of work as a forming factor of middle class in informational economy

Ahadiev F.N. Development of intercompany economic relations in agricultural organizations

Aibyatova R.R. Small business as a basis of economic security during the period of financial instability

Akhmadieva R.Sh. Training a competent road user as a basis of life safety in the Republic of Tatarstan

Gallyamova G.I. A variety of income forms in market economy

Getmanchuk A.V. The use of object-oriented analytical programming in agro-industrial complex

Danilova O.A. Quality and price as the main factors of meat products’ competitiveness

Klychova G.S., Muzafarova L.A. Tax accounting the operations with land

Mukhametgaliev M.N. Problems of effective business functioning in agrarian enterprises

Nasyrova Z.K. Personnel situation in agro-industrial complex

Nizamutdinov M.M., Shakirova A.G. Tax incentive of agricultural producers’ activity .44

Nikolaev V.I., Vladimirov V.V. Effective usage of currant assets as an important factor of strengthening the financial state of poultry-farm

Salakhutdinov F.N., Khismatullin M.M., Iskhakov I. Alternative financing models for small and average forms of managing in agro-industrial complex

Safiullin N.A., Karimova R.R. Features of investment-innovative activity management in dairy cattle breeding

Safiullin L.N., Pikulev A.A. Innovative aspects of increasing the competitiveness of regions

Safiullin N.Z., Yarullina L.A. Quality of advertising product: terminology developmen

Serzhanova I.M. Features of quality of life in modern Russian economy

Ugryumova M.N. Dinamics of agricultural production in Novgorod region during the period from 2000 till 2008

Khayrullin A.N. Social protection of rural sector as a success in attracting people to rural areas

Khaziakhmetov A.Z., Shlychkov V.V. The institutional mechanism of realization corporation’s intellectual property

Khasanova L.G., Khayaleyeva Ch.S. Investment resources management efficiency

Khusnutdinov A.Z. Theoretical aspects of synergetic approach formation in innovative economy development conception

Khusnutdinov A.Z. Economic interlays of innovative investments market

Yakupova D.Z. Formation and disclosure of information in accounting reporting during the organization’s reorganization in the form of demerger


Adigamov N.R., Gimaltdinov I.Kh. Laboratory-operational tests of installation the randomly diagnosing equipment on cattle-breeding farms

Adigamov N.R., Skrylev A.A., Nizhegorodtsev S.B. The effective technologies of restoration the hydraulic control valve spools by means of chemical nickel plating

Belov A.A., Novikova G.V., Ponomaryev A.N. The substantiation of the electric field intensity on microwave range for milk neutralization

Vafin N.F., Matyashin A.V., Salakhov I.M. The method ripper’s characteristics calculation for tilting the soil without or before ploughing with rotary-vibrating operating device

Grigorieva T.M. Mechanized superhigh frequency unit for cooking comminuted giblets

Zinnatullina A.N., Ibyatov R.I. Numerical modelling of convective diffusion in porous medium

Mazitov N.K., Sharafiev L.Z., Ilyin A.P., Garipov N.Ye., Dmitriev S.Yu. Fodder production economy under drought conditions on basis of native machinery usage

Khaliullin F.H., Galiev I.G. Recording operating conditions of vehicles at determining their technical standards

Shaidulin Z. G. Processing a pair of generic pictures on the basis of general formulas of photogrammetry intersection

Yunusov G.S., Valiev A.R., Gilyazov R.M., Mayorov A.V. The work of tillager during a seedbed preparation for sowing small-seeded crops


Alekseyev A.K., Shashkarov L.G. Plow-layer density depending on preplanting cultivation and sowing terms

Budanov I.S., Nikishov A.A., Volkova N.A., Bagirov V.A., Kunaeva E.K., Zinovyeva N.A. Dynamics of chemical indicators of water at different treatment conditions of medical leech (hirudo medicinalis)

Gluhovtsev V.V., Drovalieva N.V. Features of formation protein and its amino acid composition in summer barley grains depending on weather conditions in the Middle Volga region

Krotov L.N. Diagnostics and prediction the pathological conditions of reproductive organs of cows with the use of cytodiagnosis

Marshalova A.N., Glushkov V.V., Makarov V.I., Maslova N.F. Yield changes of spring triticale at different weather conditions

Minnikhanov R.N., Gizzatullin V.N. Forest management and cuts in the Sabinsky forest district

Minnikhanov R.N. Silvicultural, ecological and economical efficiency of the Scandinavian technology of timber cutting in Sabinsky forestry farm

Murzaliev I.D. Immunomorphogenesis during pneumovirus infections of sheep

Murzaliev I.D. The level of immunoglobulins after pneumodiseases of lambs

Serzhanov I.M., Shaihutdinov F.Sh., Minikayev R.V. The yield of spring wheat at different terms and methods of harvesting

Hadeyev T.G., Talanov I.P. Influence of complex plant protection on photometric factors and yield capacity of spring wheat

Chernova V.N., Dudin G.P., Shilyaeva E.A. The influence of distant red light on lettuce mutation

Shurkhaeva K.D., Fadeyeva A.N. Variability and interrelation of quantitative characters of pea

Yatmanova N.M., Kuznetsov N.A. The influence of moose on the forest cover and scrub in Predkamje region the Republic ofTatarstan.

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