Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 1 (19) 2011


Avkhadiev F.N. Development of integration processes in agri-food sector in the Republic of Tatarstan

Ashirova S.A. The strategy entry on foreign markets the enterprise-producers of submersible pump equipment

Bulguchev M.H. Comparative analysis of the socio-economic capacity of the Republic of Ingushetia for the development of farm production

Volkova S.N., Potemkin S.N. Innovative approaches to human use of secondary raw materials

Dyatlova A.F. The influence of specific features agricultural production on developing the accounting in the agricultural sector

Zakirova A.R. Conceptual Foundations of Management Accounting

Zakirova A.R. IAS 41 "Agriculture": features of accounting

Ismagilov R.I., Safiullin L.N. Information and economic aspects of forestry development

Ismagilova G.N., Safiullin N.C. Methodological peculiarities of consumer demand for goods durable under asymmetric information

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R. The method of forming the inner management reporting in Agricultural Organization

Mavlyautdinova G.S. The algorithm for calculating the risk of destabilization state of ecological and economic systems: on the example of the pool the river Sviyaga

Mukhametgaliev I.N. The system of material incentives in agricultural organizations as an integral part of the budget process

Myznikova M.N. Khametzyanova O. H. Methodological issues assessment of commercialization the intellectual property

Norkina K.V. Methods of determining the price of machine-hours operation of construction machines and mechanisms mechanization in managenet

Smirnov A.A., Popova E.V. Investment in the agricultural sector

Sungatullina L.B. Accounting and analytical aspects of the optimization system of monetary compensation of staff

Faizrakhmanov M.D., Karimov T.R. Management incentives innovation refineries enterprises based on Business Unit Management

Khairullin A.N. Best practices for storage of maize,grown for fodder purposes

Kharisov I.K. Prerequisites for the collection of evidence in an internal audit

Khafizov D.F., Khismatullin M.M., Isaycheva E.S.Khismatullin M.M. Forms of economic development in the agricultural sector for 20 years of economic reform

Khuramshin F.F. Leasing and efficiency of agricultural production

Shibakov V.G., Ashirova S.A. Features of the penetration the domestic pump engineering to foreign markets: marketing approach


Aliakberov I.I. The results of experimental studies tumble dryers energy saving type

Antonov V.V., Kuznetsov V.G., Zinnatullin N.H., Bulatov A.A., Zinnatullina G.N.Removing the liquid phase from raw material, has a complex internal structure

Vafin N.F. Justification of the aerator-parameters of grassland .fertilizer..

Dmitriev A.V., Nurullin E.G. Theoretical determination of the energy scaling on pneumomechanical scalper grain

Lukmanov R.R., Volkov I.Y., Ziganshin B.G. Analytical method of calculation of some technological parameters of the robot arm milking

Mishin P.V. Maximov E.A., Sovin K.G. Determination of maximum permissible working width of cultivator

Pikmullin G.V. , Bulgariev G.G. Methods of designing forms working member tiller for tillage

Faskhutdinov H.S., Mavlyudov F.N., Shamsutdinov F.A. Calculation of the parameters of power cooperation in the technological area of electric fusion treatment

Yunusov, GS, Gilyazov RM, Mayorov AV Combined unit for seedbed preparation


Glushkov V.V., Yunusov G.S., Maslova N.F., Marshalova A.N. Resource- processing technology of sod-podzolic soils in Mari-El

Ivanov N.I. On the development of planning documents and organizing the use of and protection of agricultural lands

Karimova R.G. Status of humoral immunity in receipt of a substituted benzodifurazana into the body of white rats

Karimova RG.., Garipov T.V. The intensity of metabolism in rats prolonged admission substituted benzodifurazana

Kadyrov F.Z., Nikiforov I.Y. Middle-productivity varieties of millet food use in cultivation in the Predkamye area of the Republic Tatarstan

Kotov S.E., Khairullin A.I. The phytosanitary condition of crops and productivity sugar beet depending on the different backgrounds of fertilizers

Minnikhanov R.N. Forest management system of the Republic Tatarstan during the period from 2001 to 2010

Minnikhanov R.N. The current state of the forest fund of the Republic Tatarstan and prospects of development of the forestry sector

Nizamov R.M., Sagdiyev R.S.Sunflower productivity depending of seeding rates in the Republic of Tatarstan

Nikiforova I.Y Melanosis of millet in the Republic of Tatarstan, Predkamye area

Serzhanov I..M, Shaikhutdinov F.Sh. Removal of nutrients yield of spring wheat depending on the background diet and seeding rates

Faizullin I.I., Nabiullin R.Z., Akhmetzyanov M.R. Agriculture biologization -the basis of highly productive agriculture

Khairullin A.I. Kotov S.E., Shaikhutdinov F.F. Productivity of sugar beet depending on the application of biological agents and fertilizers

Khismatullin M.M, Minnullin G.S., Vafina L.T., Safiollin F.N. Chemical composition and nutritive value of forage perennial grasses, depending from the background of mineral nutrition and timing of their harvest

Khismatullin M.M., Sochneva S.V. Minnullin G.S., Safiollin F.N. Influence fertilizers and climatic conditions of Tatarstan on the accumulation of nitrates in the green mass of perennial grasses

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